Growing Power in Turkish Industry

Our contribution to Turkish industry is increasing day by day.

We have never been afraid of technical difficulties

We are serving in the area of 8000 M2 underground Metal Sheet Production and Machining Parts with 120 Employees.

Machinery equipped with the latest technology products.

We are proud of being one of the leading companies in the industry with our wide range of machines with various Drill, Work Machines, Saw, metal cutting scissors, Milling, Turning, Welding, Spot, Drivers.

We know our customers' expectations and needs

We continue to respond to the needs of our customers at the desired time and in the expected quality.

Your Trusted Solution Partner

It will try to be worthy of your trust by presenting solution partnership for all your projects in the future as it is until today.

Since 2000, we have been servicing our esteemed customers.

We are not tired, we are not bored, we like our job. Our passion of innovation does not stop.


Press machines from 15 tons to 630 tons. We are proud of being one of the leading companies in the industry with our wide range of machines with various Drill, Work Machines, Saw, Scissors, Milling, Turning, Welding, drivers.


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About Us

Our main activity is automotive and white appliances sectors; In 2000, started to provide service with a 250 m2 workshop production in Teksan Industrial Site.

In 2006, Tek Metal Plastik, which moved to the area of 1000 m2 in Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone,
Since 2008, it has been serving the customers of leading companies in its sector by expanding its field of activity, product and customer range every year in the field of metal sheet production and machining n its factory with 8000 m2 closed area.

The company shapes metals with a total staff of 120 people, 15 to 630 tons of eccentric and hydraulic presses and 0,2 mm to 8 mm thickness of 15,000 tons of sheet metal parts. Machining with Ø 10- Ø40 between 300 tons of shafts and Ø13-Ø22 mm between 250000 meters of pipes, producing an average of 30 million pieces per year.





Tek Metal&Plastik


We also develop our machinery park to produce welded metal parts and sheet materials used in Automotive Side Industry.

Tek Metal&Plastik

White Appliances

We are manufacturing metal parts in increasing volumes for the white appliances sector with its flexible production capability, high quality materials, competitive pricing principle and customer-focused approach.

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We produce steel and plastic coatings of the next generation devices which are produced in parallel to the technologically advanced world standards carefully.

Tek Metal&Plastik Firması


Rail joint bolts for concrete sleeper double washer rail washer bolt and nut

Tek Metal&Plastik Firması


Special Production Mining Profiles (manufactured in desired sizes and dimensions).

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The Aircraft and Aviation Industry uses the technological know-how, compound material, organization, standard and engineering knowledge, capital stock, research and development potential accumulated in all other economic sectors and firms.

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Heating steel material production of Constructions

Tek Metal&Plastik


Production of refrigeration group products, air conditioning components, ventilation and air change propellers.